Mom to Mom Ministries

Workshop Day at Mom to Mom

To add variety to your program, offer one or two workshop days. Workshops might include:

  • Spiritual:
    • Exploring Your Faith
    • Teaching your children to pray
    • Having a quiet time
  • Relational:
    • Communication/conflict resolution
    • Extended family issues
    • Feeling like a "married single"
  • Intellectual:
    • Developmentally appropriate behavior
    • Book reviews
    • Top ten children's books
  • Hands-on Activities:
    • Knitting/crocheting/sewing "101"
    • Flower arranging
    • Cooking and/or decorating
For additional ideas, refer to page 36 in the Mom to Mom Administrative Guide.
Think about the talents and skills your moms and church community can share as you add a workshop day to your ongoing Mom to Mom curriculum.
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