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MTM Administrative Guide

Mom to Mom: Administrative Guide by Linda Anderson is a rich resource for both starting a Mom to Mom and the ongoing leadership of a group. As one Mom to Mom Team Leader put it, "this guide contains nearly everything you need to know to get started." You'll likely find yourself referring to it again and again throughout the year.

The Administrative Guide includes an overview of the mission of Mom to Mom, a planning list of people and resources needed, and valuable helps on the selection and training of Titus 2 leaders. There are also descriptions of each curriculum series as well as suggestions on enhancing curriculum and sample schedules. A CD-ROM in the back contains numerous leader helps that are print-ready or can be customized for your group. All the material has been designed to provide a clear path for a Mom to Mom Ministry while also being flexible enough to adapt to the need of individual groups.

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Titus 2 Leader Guide

Growing Together

Mom to Mom: Titus 2 Leader Guide by Linda Anderson is designed to encourage and equip each of your Titus 2 leaders (the mentor moms). It describes both the mission of Mom to Mom and the "nuts and bolts" of an ongoing ministry. It also defines the calling, role, and responsibilities of a Titus 2 leader. Included are many helpful tips on leading and nurturing a small group of moms. This is a valuable resource to be used both by each individual leader and by your group as a whole in training and enrichment sessions. You will want each of your Mom to Mom leaders to have a copy.

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Use with the Mom to Mom curriculum series:

  • Heart Talk
  • Growing Together
  • Inside Out Parenting

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